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A rhythmic massage, which can be used to relax and energize the mind and body. A great compliment to standardized treatments, ask your physician.

30 mins   —  $60.00
45 mins   —  $75.00
60 mins   —  $90.00
75 mins   —  $105.00
90mins   —  $120.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils used with classic massage techniques to improve mood and pain management.

30 mins   —  $65.00
45 mins   —  $80.00
60 mins   —  $95.00
75 mins   —  $110.00
90 mins  —  $125.00

Hot Stone Massage

Massaged with heated bath salt lava stones promoting better sleep, relief of muscle tension and body awareness.

60 mins   —  $115.00
75 mins   —   $130.00
90mins   —  $145.00

Myofascial Massage

Sustained compressions and stretching focusing on releasing connective tissue. which support your muscles throughout your entire body. A great way to treat sensitivity and myofascial pain.

60 mins  —   $95.00
75 mins   —   $110.00
90 mins  —   $125.00

Pre & Postnatal Massage

Massage therapy can be used to support moms before, during and after pregnancy to decrease back and pelvic pain, reduce headaches and
manage symptoms of edema & sciatica.

45 mins   —   $80.00
60 mins   —   $95.00
75 mins   —   $110.00
90mins   —   $125.00

Manual Lymphatic Massage

MLD requires specific hand strokes that are applied to the body in a distinct pattern and direction to move fluid away from the swollen body region.

60 mins    —   $95.00

75 mins    —   $110.00

90 mins    —   $125.00

Direct Billing Insurance

Direct Billing helps to simplify your insurance claim experience.

This allows us to directly submit your massage therapy claim on your behalf. However, there are many factors which can determine our ability to directly charge.

Below are some questions which you ask to your insurance provider prior to your massage treatment

Does your plan allow Registered Massage Therapist to charge directly to the insurance company?

Does your insurance company require a doctor's note to get reimbursed?

How much does the insurance company pay per treatment? e.g. 80%, 100%

Will the funds go to my service provider or the insured member.

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